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How have you dealt with these struggles?

After a fair bout of self pity, which is a totally fair and necessary part

of the process, I took a step back and conducted a bit of a reality check.

It was important to remind myself of a few truths that helped ground me. The way I was/am feeling and what is happening is a temporary measure of an extremely likely event. Reaffirming myself that post COVID19, I am still gonna be me, live music will be back on, the job opportunity will still be there, and my fiends are missing me as much

as I am missing them. 

Also, from this perspective I tackled that heckling notion that I needed to achieve something special in lockdown, and the self expectation and judgement attached to it. Instead I allowed myself the freedom to just create and consume when and how it struct me, removed from a goal and reconnected with positive creativity.

What have you found in your 5km radius?

Truthfully my 5km is not overly exciting, mostly just dense suburban living. It has been beautiful to experience the gradual change in the trees and plants in the neighbourhood over the course of the months, especially coming into spring. I briefly became super fascinated by the frequent occurrence of the fibonacci spiral in the flowers and succulents in there gardens. 

After a few conversations with friends and family, bit of self reflection and a lot of insta scrolling. I started brainstorming illustration ideas around how people have been spending their time during lockdown,

for better or for worse, however they have managed to cope with the stress of their worlds being flipped upside down. thanks for stopping by.

What have you struggled with during Isolation?

My main struggles through the isolation have been around my life feeling stagnant and a lack of motivation to engage with creativity.

One by one all the live music and arts events that I was so excited for have been cancelled, public holidays pass and birthdays missed out on. The start of my new job has been pushed back by over six month which delays other elements of my life, all adding to the growing mental frustration of lockdown. 

I have been fortunate in that work has been pretty much full time hours. Which is great, but without the thrills of life to give joyful meaning and reset the weeks, the monotony kinda takes over and really distorts time. This fed into a stints of feeling super burnt out, lethargic and unmotivated, which on top of that, this feeling that I should be maximising this time to be creative, left me feeling pretty worthless.