Indigo Mckeon

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Hi I'm Indigo Mckeon, I'm 18 years old and a singer-songwriter with a love for creating . My music project is a folk rock, dream soaked vision created with love, empowerment and raw emotion. I draw influence from musicians such as Carole King and Angus & Julia Stone, and poets Rupi Kaur and David Whyte.


In 2019,  I released my debut single Cyclone. The most sentimental project I have created was released in February of this year. This EP, Joy, was named after my Nan and features art by Sussanna Watterston ; both passed away from cancer. This was a tribute to both of them, immortalised through four tracks suffused with love and care. My latest release, ‘Rose and a Daisy’, was originally written as a poem three years ago when I was just fifteen.


For me art is a way to relax and feel peace in whatever my current reality might be. I love to draw paint and everything in between. I also have a small handmade jewelry business, that brings me so much joy.

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My isolation creation 

For this project I wanted to create a piece that depicted the magic that we can create in our own homes using imagination. I am a person who definitely tries to romanticise life and this shows in my art and music. Being deprived from the outside world during isolation I have tried to enjoy the simple things. This piece is meant to be a positive outlook on the experience, it’s using my imagination to stay happy and sane.

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'I want to spend my life in the sunshine

Absorbing the earths elements through my hands and feet

Feeling the love and creativity of the beings who inhabit it

I am enchanted by the leaves that slowly crawl closer to me through my window

I want to believe they are drawn to me

That the enchantment is mutual, that we are both lost in the present.

Growing towards goodness and avoiding the dark with every inch of our existance'

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What have you struggled with during isolation?

How have you dealt with that struggle?

What have you found in your 5km?