Im a Melbourne based Visual artist working mainly through acrylic painting, digital art and murals. I migrated to Melbourne with my family at 6 years old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I gain much influence and inspiration from my Brazilian heritage. Nature and community are also themes that greatly inspire me in my work and my travels have been a big influence in the progression of my practice. My biggest motivation for creating is to brighten up the community and spread messages of awareness through each PIECE.

Melbourne lockdown has been a roller coaster all round, It's been fun having this platform to share some work and some of my feelings about the past few months. 

Enjoy xx

'casinha minha' 27|9|20


This artwork was made in response to the create and inspire programme by flo creative. while painting this i reflected on my time spent in iso. some of the challenges that comes with having a drastic change to your routine life and finding new ways of being in this extremely un normal and in some ways twisted situation we find ourselves in. i feel lucky to have had a stable and mostly comfortable time during iso, regardless of a few breakdowns i had a roof over my head, supportive housemates and always food on my table. 


what have you struggled with during iso?

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

During this second Melbourne lockdown I think I have struggled mostly with being distant from my close friends and community, restlessness and lack of inspiration. It’s so weird having such big parts of your lifestyle and reality being taken away from you. Now I realise how important being around my people is to me. The art community and my support through my friends brings me so much inspiration along with nature. As a result of this my creative process and mental health have been greatly affected along with many other people around me. I have also struggled with the overall state of the world and experiencing the controlled system we live in pulling at its reins tighter and tighter. 

How have you dealt with that struggle?

Mainly by blocking it all out of my head and keeping myself busy. There was a couple of months there were I found myself at quite a low point. The only way out of that for me was really just to get Covid out of my head and focus on attainable goals. The uncertainty of everything got real scary at times but I’ve tried to just accept that this is my life for now and remember that we’ll all come out of this and have learnt important lessons. 


What have you found in your 5k?

I have found some new parks and pretty details in the architecture I’m surrounded by. Going for walks around the neighbourhood was my saviour many times during this iso. I’m grateful to live in a safe space and a nice suburb, having new places to explore and lots of things to look at. 

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there my beloved melbourne xx