My name is Gemma White...

I am a graphic designer by trade, I am also a visual artist. I am also passionate about mental health. 

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What have you struggled with during isolation?


During this lock down i found that a have been struggling with many things. I have struggled with mental health problems most of my life but I have found COVID- 19 has contributed to my mental health declining. The problems I have been faced with are not being able to connect with family and friends in person, another thing is being stuck at home having a lot of time to think which has led me to feel really lost. Which has led me to feel like I don’t know who I am anymore and loosing interest in things I once loved.

How have you dealt with that struggle?

During this lock down it has really gave me the chance to pick up my mental health and really listen to my inner self. This has led me to get back in to what I love and feeling better for it. This time also allows me to collaborate with other artists and talk to friends and family making me feel better as it has allowed me to connect with other people through a screen which has helped with my struggle.

What have you found in your 5 km?

With in my 5 km range I have found many beautiful places to walk such as dog parks, nature reserves and it have been wonderful to explore more nature

These are my artworks based on my mental health during isolation..




Life 5 metres apart

This piece of artwork display's how i have felt during isolation, "Disconnected" from family and friend and also disconnected from myself.

This piece shows how i found a way to connect with others with out seeing them in person. this artwork also shows what our new normal may look like " 5 metres apart"

If you need to talk to someone about your mental health.

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