Welcome to my thoughts and visuals of the past few months in isolation. Through focusing on mental health within isolation, I have reflected on the intrinsic and extrinsic processes and effects of the mind during this unprecedented time

What have you struggled with during isolation?

Isolation has been a long, windy road paved with struggle. The huge lifestyle change took its toll early on and I unintentionally pushed myself into a zone of worry and anxiety which has lingered as the months have flicked over.

One of the hardest struggles has been reaching out and seeking support. We are constantly reminded of the many ways we can seek help, and we are lucky as a society to have so many resources available. Despite this, I find it incredibly challenging to seek help. I feel a burden, and this has hindered my self confidence to a degree.

How have you dealt with this struggle?

I am blessed with family and friends who support me so well. I have tried my best to strengthen my connection with people close to me in the restricted ways given lockdown. I often give people what I seek myself. I find comfort in giving.


I have embraced my creative passion with this course run by Flo Creative Events, and created a space for me to share my work with the world on Instagram (@dotmakesart)

The launch of @charliexclay - a platform for me to make and sell clay earrings - has also brought me comfort and joy. Creating with clay is a therapeutic experience.

Other coping mechanisms include coffee, acai bowls and Greys Anatomy.

What have you found within your 5km?

I am incredibly lucky to live adjacent to a nature reserve which is home to many native animals, in particular a large family of kangaroos. 

I also enjoy walking to get a coffee during the cold Winter/Spring mornings, as the sun slowly starts to warm up. I am a frequent at my local cafe!

Resources to help:


I'm no expert in mental health, but there are many resources which exist to help and educate. Here are some easily accessible oranisations.


Beyond Blue:

R U OK?:

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Dot Makes Art

Charlie & Clay

Charlie & Clay

We have been alone with our thoughts for months now. So, what have you been thinking about?
Sometimes, the way the mind releases its tension and stress is through repeated and eventually comfortable behaviours such as pulling out hair and clenching the jaw.
"I felt grey, so I bought some things to feel colour"
Uber Eats solves sadness sometimes.
Stuck in my thoughts.
"Reflections - Sunset/Midnight"
Acrylic mirror & polymer clay earrings. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my work.

This collective run by Flo Creative Events has been an absolute blessing and has served as a safe space to share and create with a wonderful group of people.

Thank you to Shan Primrose for her leadership and support, and to all the creatives involved.

Stay safe and well during these times & seek support when you need it.


I am alone. You are alone.

Asking for help is hard.

We are in this together.