Here's my most recent track 'MOMENTS' as part of the first COUSIN WILL RECORDS COMPILATION album if you'd like to have a listen to it whilst you scroll through my artworks!

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Cat is a 20 year old creative soul that explores the realms of funk and jazz, whilst also delving into poetry, visual arts and spoken word. Her melancholy-coated love songs and passion for expression through collaboration are what have driven and inspired her to be a part of this beautiful project with Shan & the flocreative team x

1. What have I struggled with during lockdown life/isolation?

The thing I've struggled with most would be time management and becoming anxious/overwhelmed when feeling like I'm not being productive enough. However, this time spent with me, myself and I has taught me a lot about the ways in which I work as an artist!

This character to the right is something I sketched up in around May and have been incorporating into my work ever since. There is something very soothing about the shapes and the way the characters body flows within its environment. Their name is 'WINSTON ROSE' and I am looking forward to seeing where they will crop up in my future works! 

2. What have you done to combat this? 

I've become more habitual with my meditation practice, grounding myself out in nature and going for regular ocean swims.

I acknowledge the position I am in and have been in throughout isolation is a very fortunate one to be in. I am surrounded by my beautiful parents and some of my closest friends. They have all really helped me remain sane throughout the more difficult times - me giving them unconditional support and love, just as they do for me! 

3. What have you found in your 5km radius?

As I live in rural Victoria this question doesn't really have much weight on me (which again, I acknowledge is an incredibly lucky position to be in). 

However - If I were limited to the 5k's around me I think I would often find myself down by the river and out in the bush!


'BREATHE DEEP' has been the main artwork I have completed through Shan's beautiful 'Connect & Inspire' course! My initial goal at the beginning of the course was to create a piece larger than I had ever previously made. In the series of time lapses below you can witness the process and progress this artwork went through. 

At first I wasn't sure I liked where it was going but when I finished it I was actually really happy with the final outcome!

This course has been monumental for striking up the creative spark within me and giving me bursts of inspiration. Not to mention the connection between all the diverse artists in this group that has been cultivated! 

SO - thank you to Shan of Flo Creative & everyone else that has been a part of this project! I cannot wait to see what kind of magic we all conjure up next! 

Thank you infinitely!

Hope you have a nice day, night, morning, evening wherever you are x